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History of the brand:

This brand was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in the year 1976 and the month was April. The brand initially was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc in the year 1977. In some time, the brand experienced growth in its revenue. In a few years during its growth the company hired employees and hence the staff grew. It grew its production with the help of cooperative and efficient staff. The brand then innovated and hence it grew at a very fast speed. The brand has now become so famous and people are willing to buy this brand even at its high prices. And its high price tag has made it all the more special.  

Apple iPhone offers:

When this brand is shopped online it offers a great discount at different stores. UAE an online shopping store of United Arab Emirates collaborates with the world's largest demanded and luxurious brand Apple. This brand is known worldwide. It is identified and liked by people everywhere. But its high prices are the issue for the people in its purchase. Noon provides you the lowest possible prices of this brand. The products of Apple include I Phone, I Pad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Home Pod. Its quality is its best characteristic. And that is why it is demanded the most by people. Shop Apple from Noon and turn your dream into reality. Similarly, this brand can be shopped from another store named Noon which again serves in United Arab Emirates. Certain other stores also offer discounts on the purchase of this brand. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are the latest versions of the series and are available at heavily discounted prices on many stores. Shop for all the categories from your favourite store and save on your shopping. Make the best use of these deals and discounts and grab on the iPhone products from your store and maintain up your budget level. Explore the world with your new iPhone and choose the color of your type and taste out of the three colors namely Space Gray, Silver and Gold. Choose your storage as well that is either 64GB or 256GB.  

Apple hot products:

Apple presents a series of iPhone almost every year in the category of smart phones. The latest of these is iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The world can be explored with the help of new iPhone. The phone helps to serve a lot of purposes and can be used for education as well as business. The brand follows certain values and they are accessibility, environment, privacy and supplier responsibility. Apple keeps in mind the privacy of its users. As these days, cybercrime has been increasing rapidly the brand keeps in mind and considers the privacy of the users as the most important one. So, the brand provides the privacy feature the best one. It secures all the information that has been fed in your phone and hence keeps it private and secured.  

Apple UAE Customer care:

The brand has its customer support services and offices worldwide and these customer care services and offices provide the customers the best services and if any customer is either unsatisfied or the customer is facing any problem with the usage of products of this brand, all such cases are handled by the customer support services. In case of any hardware defect or malfunctioning of any of the Apple device the customer care offices handle such problems and get their defects corrected and rectified. But if the customer has any query to ask or has a problem about the usage of the device or any software related issues, such problems can be solved with the help of customer care centres and the person can get in touch with them by calling them and asking to solve one's problem and the customer care agent will help you by providing the best solution to all your queries and will satisfy you with all your problems.