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Burberry is a luxury brand that provides high quality clothing and beauty products which are well accepted and use by countless people in the world. Burberry wears a glorious history of serving best products in the market for more than 150 years. The main products of Burberry are clothing, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics. It started with a little store in Hampshire, England and then started making coats with waterproof surface. Burberry has established itself in industry as a fashion and beauty product giant.

About Burberry

Burberry group is a British luxury fashion brand that was established in 1856 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. It was founded by Thomas Burberry who was 21 year old then. He was a draper's apprentice and later he opened his own store. The Burberry business was focused on developing the outside attire. It helped Thomas to establish its business by 1870. Burberry made its trench coat in which became popular during the First World War period. Trench coats were water repellent coats and after the War, they became very popular in civilians also. The gabardine fabric was invented by Thomas that was used for making the trench coats. The iconic Burberry check was first created in 1920s that was used as a lining for trench coats of Burberry. The Burberry coats became very popular with the labels of famous explorers, adventurers and aviators. Burberry produced mainly raincoats till 1960s. It expanded its business by launching accessories when an overwhelmed order for Burberry check umbrella and scarves was placed. Men and women clothing became very popular with time and its brand value can be calculated when it sold its most expensive trench coat ever in 22,000 pounds which was a limited edition women trench coat. Burberry started making kids wear in 2007. Burberry has a total strength of more than 10,000 employees working for it. It claims to be a British brand but most of the manufacturing practices of Burberry are done outside Britain. As of May 2017, Burberry was a brand with net worth more than 9.5 billion dollars. The CEO of Burberry is Christopher Bailey. It has its headquarter in London, England. Burberry group operates through retail and wholesale and licensing business channels. It sells luxury goods through Burberry mainline stores, concessions, outlets and digital commerce as well as Burberry's departmental stores. It also offers global licenses of fragrances, eyewear, timepieces etc.

Products of Burberry

  • Women

-laminated trench -bags and purses -wallets -bandana -outer wears

  • Men

-laminated trench -bags -shawls and stawls -neon sweatshirts -scarves

  • Children

-exclusive winter wardrobe -children's trenches -scarves -jackets and overcoats

  • Beauty

-new Burberry blush fragrances -eyeliners -lip colors -everyday radiance products for glowing skin

  • Accessories

-bags -purses -shoes -timepieces -scarves -wallets These products from Burberry are world famous. These are the luxury products that are widely used by people of elite class. Burberry has proven its worth in recent decades. It has emerged as a top luxury clothing and perfume brand. The products of Burberry are used by various celebrities in different fashion shows. A number of top models wear the labels of Burberry. The company itself is a global brand that is growing day by day since its origin 162 years ago.

Heritage of Burberry

Burberry was founded 162 years ago in England. It serves a vast experience of decades with best of it services. The products of Burberry have been highly famous amongst the customers. All its products have shown a royal status in the world including its attires and perfumes. As per various world top magazines, Burberry wears a smart position in the world. It is a giant in fashion industry that has always been a top class brand. Burberry's famous gabardine fabric was a great invention by Thomas Burberry in late 1870s. It was a revolutionary rainwear product that clinched the market rapidly and still holds a reputation in clothing industry. The greatest reform that gabardine brought was its light weight. Rain wears were a heavy load and an uncomfortable wear until then. Burberry's trench was also a massive invention that bought a new styled coat into market with no button but a belt to fasten. It was made up of gabardine only. Burberry was a trademark of many famous adventurers during their adventures and explorers in their expeditions. Burberry still carries its legacy and brings the best products in the market.