Citibank Credit cards, Loans and Offers UAE 2020

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About Citibank Cards and Offers

Business activities cannot be undertaken unless funds are available for acquiring assets, purchasing raw materials and meeting other expenses. Necessary funds can be obtained by businessmen from a bank. Thus, banking helps business activities to overcome the problem of finance. Commercial banks generally lend money by providing overdraft and cash credit facilities, loans and advances. Banks also undertake collection of cheques, remittance of funds to different places, and discounting of bills on behalf of traders. In foreign trade, commercial banks help exporters in collecting money from importers. Commercial banks also help promoters of companies to raise capital from the public. One of such banks is CitiBank. It helps in performing all banking functions. One of it is register yourself with the bank online. Online banking is the most important feature of banks these days. It helps you by transacting with just a click of mouse by sitting at you place. Hence you can save time and avoid long queues in the banks. Some facilities offered by banks is:


Banking is the other meaning of accepting deposits and advancing loans. CitiBank offers round the clock banking services in your personal accounts. Second service of banks is time deposits. Different accounts are provided for different purposes. Types of accounts are:

  • Saving Account
  • Current Account
  • CitiBest Account

Apart from these cards are provided to facilitate easy payments, shopping, cash withdrawal without visiting the bank. Customers can use their cards wherever they want and whenever they want. To name a few cards are:

  • Debit cards
  • Citibank master card debit card