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Mission and Vision of Damas

Damas hampers a great combination of craftsmanship, innovation, trust and iconic standards. The craftsmanship of Damas is a vast experience of hundred years that passed on from generation to generation to make its products so attractive that you cannot resist yourself from buying it. It offers a series of innovation in designs of its products with a thought of creativity leading to productivity with quality. With its innovative strokes, Damas has always been a brand in demand. With its quality in products and innovative designs, the brand has been successful in creating a trust among its customers through decades. The products of this brand feature the iconic city of Dubai which is an example of ambitions and rising higher every day. The vision of Damas lies in its work-culture. It is the leading brand in Dubai and it looks forwards to be the one in the globe with similar status.

Products and Designs of Damas

The Arabesque with contemporary styles, Damas has been producing very innovative and beautiful designs flawlessly. It is the greatest strength of this brand and when high standards of quality are added to this, we find the best blend of art. The products of Damas are passionately created by the best craftsmen. These products have always delighted the customers. The products have been a fine model of traditional and contemporary blend to be a trend setter. It becomes an absolutely automatic choice of customers with its ethical approach of creating and delivering jewelry. Damas offers a wide range of metallic products for both men and women. A large number of different brand-names in Damas provide a huge variety of jewelry. It also offers choices of different colors of metals. Another feature of Damas jewelry is that it offers a variety of metals with different purity levels for different purposes. Apart from metals, there is a huge range of Stone jewelry in its pack all designed and produced by its best craftsmen. The products of Damas are designed in such a way that the jewelry can be worn in any occasion and with any type of wears. The products are matching with traditional and ethnic wears as well as with modern and western wears. These can be well used for very casual occasions as well as in prestigious celebrations. All thanks to the best people working behind the curtain to make the products of Damas fabulous and flawless.

List of Brands

Damas has a variety of jewelry products for men and women. It offers both metallic and stone jewelry in different colors. Some of the popular brand names with a large number of products are listed here. Metallic jewelry:

  • Al Manthourah
  • Baraka
  • Ananya
  • Faberge
  • Farfasha
  • Fope
  • Garrard
  • Magerit
  • Leo Pizzo
  • Pasquale Bruni
  • Rangoli
  • Roberto Coin
  • Spring
  • Utopia
  • Vera

This metallic jewelry is offered in different colors also. Black, Rose, white and yellow metals are being displayed in the pack of Damas jewelers. For metal jewelry, the purity is an important aspect. Damas offers its products with different purity levels. Mostly, the gold jewelry is available at 18K, 21K and 22K values. Damas also offers different stone jewelry. Some of the types of stones used in its brands are Amethyst, Aquamarine, citrine, diamond, emerald, garnet, lapis luzuli, moon stone, mother of pearl, pearl, quartz, Ruby, topaz and turquoise.   These stones are beautifully carved into handsome jewelry by the craftsmen to make customers get more than they want.

The Legacy of Damas

Damas is a great legacy of its successful journey of decades. Its goldsmith operations were launched in 1907 in Dubai. It was the beginning of new standards of quality and innovation in designs. It touched a new milestone in its journey of success in about five decades when it launched its first retail outlet where every piece was an example of remarkable design. A decade later, Damas began wholesale gold operations in Dubai. In 1995, Damas established the Diamond Division to manage the sourcing of loose stones and finished jewelry. By 2000, Damas expanded its business to several Middle East countries like Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. With its headquarter in Dubai, Damas is a leading luxury jewelry and watch retailer in the Middle East. Today, it manages over 40 international brands. The brands and products of Damas are the legacy of its journey of a long period of time and an inspiration for accomplishing dreams.