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Diesel product lines and labels

Diesel as a core is a clothing and accessories company and have little diversification in the same class and same products. This retailing brand sells Diesel Denim wear, Diesel clothing, Diesel footwear and Diesel accessories. Diesel has the following 3 divisions basically as brand Diesel; Diesel Black Gold; and Diesel kids. Amongst these Diesel Black Gold is a luxury brand which offers completely ready to wear product line. Diesel Black Gold was launched in 2008 in Fashion week of New York.

Diesel mergers and partnerships

Diesel works with various brands and its subsidiaries to offer various products to its customers. Some of them are discussed here:

  • Fragrance line of Diesel is owned and produced by Loreal
  • Diesel Style Lab which produces something different from traditional denim jeans
  • Diesel Eyewear in collaboration with Marcolin produces and offers sunglasses range
  • Home furnishings line from Diesel in partnership with MorosoSaletti, Scarvoline, and Berti, which is called Diesel Living.
  • Strollers line is created by Diesel with Bugaboo
  • Road safety and sports wear helmets are offer by Diesel in partnership with AVG
  • Fiat 500, a limited edition is created with Ducati and Fiat.
  • Diesel Watches with Fossil offers Watches and jewelry products in this product range.

Diesel Products

Diesel fairly offers a good product range which includes products that are mostly denim wear. But now Diesel also offers other different forms of clothing like Diesel Leather Jackets, Diesel Women Items, and other products from Diesel.

  • Diesel Men's Products

Diesel under men's section serves various products. They are:

  1. Diesel Clothing - Diesel offers huge series of Polos, T- shirts and shirts to choose from. Some of the clothing products as Polo from Diesel are Men's Diesel Live Regular Fit striped Jersey polo; Men's regular fit Piped Polo; Men's Regular Polo. Diesel provides some T- shirts also. They are Men's Diesel Sport Tennis printed jersey T- shirt, Men's Diesel Bi color jersey T- shirt, and shirts like Men's Regular and slim fit striped cotton poplin shirts, Men's regular and slim fit colored cotton shirt, Diesel Men's Regular Fit Gingham T- shirt, Diesel Men's Regular Fit polka dots poplin shirt, Men's Regular Fit Shirt in pinpoint cotton, Men's slim fit cotton shirt.
  2. Accessories - Under accessories there are products like underwear, caps, watches, socks, etc. that you can have from Diesel. Diesel watches give one the choice to choose from sleek party wear look to formal look and also offers some from sport wear collection.
  3. Shoes - Footwear like casual shoes, slippers and sports shoes are the ones that Diesel offers.
  • Diesel Women's wear - Women's section of Diesel includes products like:
  1. Clothing - Women's clothing series from Lactose is almost similar as it is for men's. Under Diesel women's wear we have Polo, T- shirts, dresses, and skirts. Some of the products from polo collection of Diesel are Women's Diesel Slim fit Contrast Accents StretchPolo, Women's Diesel Slim Fit Color Block stretch mini cotton Polo Women's Diesel Classic Fit Block stretch mini cottonPolo, Women's Diesel Straight Fit buttoned Black Off beat stripe polo. Women's Flowing Honey Comb StripedPolo Shirt, The casual Diesel Polo in Cottonare some shirts for women can be bought from Diesel.
  2. Diesel Watched - Watches are offered by Diesel for women as accessories but they are worth trying. Diesel offers the same variety for women too as it does for men. Diesel offers watches for women in rubber straps, chains, metallic straps, elegant leather strap and all other choices. All this gives one the enough reason to do have a wrist watch from Diesel because it can be flaunted on any occasion.
  3. Leather products Diesel gives one the choice of having bags or other small bags made up of leather. Women's tote bag, Women's Classic crossover bag flat, Women's block leather bucket bag can be shopped for.
  4. Diesel kid's wear - Diesel designs, manufactures and trades Polo and Tops for boy and girls under its kid's wear product series.
  5. Diesel perfume range - Diesel offers a wide variety of perfumes for men and women. Duel offers both perfumes and colognes.

  For more detailed information you may log on to Diesel official website, that is www.diesel.com.