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This brand was then found by Christian Dior on 16th January 1946. And is currently being administered by Bernard Arnault, who is a French businessman. He also happens to be the head of world's largest luxury group L V M H.

Dior divisions

Currently Dior has segmented its production units into 3 divisions. They are:

  • Christian Dior Perfumes
  • Christian Dior Cosmetics
  • Christian Dior Home

For enquiring deep about the products that Christian Dior offers you may log on to www.dior.com. Though we are here to let you know all that Christian Dior offers, but for a personalized and customized search you would like to have a look on your own. And not just online, Christian Dior has also worked hard to reach to its customers through physical stores. There are about 1300 stores or to be accurate 1296 stores of Christian Dior around the world.

Dior products

Dior deals in all the luxury products. From apparels to footwear, perfumes to accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, and many other specialties. They also manufacture leather goods. Make up products and skin care products are the other offerings they manufacture. Christian Dior also have dedicated division for men, it is Christian Dior Home division. Also, Christian Dior have Baby Dior label for child wears and accessories.

Deals and offers

Now this all being discussed here are some deals on Christian Dior products, that we would like you to know. Though there is large number of products that are available only on Christian Dior physical stores, but still there are plenty of options that we have online to look through.

  • Christian Dior Addict Lip color balm - Christian Dior has manufactured a balm that also gives a light shade and some glow to your lips. This Lip Balm is available at 15% discount on Strawberry net. Christian Dior's Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Awakening Lip Balm #001 Pink 5 grams or 0.12 oz is available for just INR 2,342. The original price of the same lip balm is INR 2,771 otherwise. But it is available for INR 2,342 exclusively on Strawberry net.
  • Christian Dior Show Iconic HD Lash Curler Mascara - 22% discount on any product is worth looking towards the deal. And such discount on luxury brand's product like Christian Dior is even more attractive. Yes, Christian Dior Show Iconic High Display lash Curler mascara is available for INR 2,177 only. Though, the original price of the same Lash Curler is INR 2,803 only.

We are sure that no girl would like to miss this deal on Christian Dior's​ HD Lash Curler Mascara. So, hurry up, and visit online store Strawberry net and​ grab this deal.

  • Christian Dior Dior Skin Nude Make-up - Another offer form strawberry net is available on high end Nude Makeup. Christian Dior Skin Nude skin glowing Make- up with SPF 15 # 010Ivory30 ml or 01 oz is available at 20% discount on Strawberrynet. The same product with original price worth INR 4,420 is available on Strawberrynet for INR 3,529 only.

So, anyone who is a Make-up freak must not let this deal slip.

  • Valentine's sale - Yes you read it right, Valentine's sale. As the month of love is here and everyone wants to treat themselves and their loved ones, what could be more better than a sale going on Christian Dior's​ products. Check this sale exclusively online on Strawberrynet online retail store.

Do check out the deal on Christian Dior's​ Range Dior Brilliant lip gloss.

  • Weekend freebies - Also there are several freebies offer on Christian Dior's​ products at Strawberrynet. Don’t forget to have a taste of it too.

Dior Grand Bal Collection

Amongst most of the most eye-catching products from Christian Dior, their time pieces are really amazing. One such collection of women wrist watch is DiorGrandBalCollection. Dior Grand Bal Collection have a swirling ball gown like arrangement that dances to the rhythm of “Dior Inverse”. This wrist watch is made up of gold threads, net, silk, feathers and gems. And the core component that is the beauty of the entire wrist watch edition is scarab beetle elytra. Do check out the DIOR VIII GRAND BAL PUSSÉ RUBAN. This one is the perfect showcase piece that could beat describe the above stated words.