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Ferrari label

Ferrari badge or logo is a Cavallino Rampante or a black prancing horse or black prancing stallion. This prancing horse symbol is place on a yellow shield which has letter 'S' and ‘F’ which stands for Scuderia Ferrari. Also, there are 3 stripes of Italian national colors which are green, white and red at the top of rectangular badge. Ferrari is based in Maranello, and has its legal headquarter at Amsterdam in Netherlands. Also, it has another headquarter at Meranello in Italy. Sergio Marchionne serves as a chairman and Chief Executive Officer to Ferrari and Vice Chairman of Ferrari is Piero Ferrari.

Royal history j

Ferrari has been the best in the years of history too. It holds the honor of being world's most powerful brand by Brand Finance. Also, a car produced by Ferrari under the product name, Ferrari 250 GTO is the most expensive car for USD 38.1 million. And not just this, but Ferrari has some title holding records too in racing leagues. Ferrari has been noted that it has continuously participated in racing which also includes racing leagues like Formula 1, etc. In these the brand has the title of most constructors Champion ship that is for 16 years. And highest number of winning drivers in Formula 1 racing leagues is from Ferrari for continuous 15 years.


Ferrari is one such brand which does not just offer its cars for sale and purchase to every second person. It is therefore that Ferrari has only 30 outlets or Ferrari boutiques. Of these 30 boutiques only 2 are hold by Ferrari itself rest of the 28 stores are operated as franchises.

Cars from Ferrari

The first road car built by Ferrari was 125 S Sport, two years later the company introduced Ferrari 166 Inter and Dino was the first mid- engine car produced by Ferrari. The company has also produced several concept cars and one-off special versions of its road cars. Ferrari is available globally in various markets including the Indian market where it has stores in Mumbai and New Delhi. In India, Ferrari offers Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Ferrari 488 Spider, Ferrari 488 GTB, Ferrari California T, Ferrari Special and F12berlinetta.

Fragrances from Ferrari

Fragrances from Ferrari includes products like Ferrari Scuderia, Ferrari Scuderia Black perfume for men, Ferrari Black shine Eau De Toilette for men, Ferrari Red Eau De Toilette for men, Ferrari Black limited edition for men, Ferrari Scuderia Black Eau De Toilette, Ferrari Scuderia Black signature, Ferrari Light Essence Acqua Eau De Toilette for men, etc.

Ferrari in news

Ferrari has made it to news too. So this is what India NDTV News has to say about it: In recent years, enthusiasts and collectors have woken up to the early cars from the Ferrari Challenge series, which celebrates its 25thanniversary this year. And Heinz Swoboda, an Austrian collector who counts Roberto Ragazzi's 1993 championship- winning 348 challenges among his cars, is acting on the interest by holding a private event dedicated to these special machines. Challenge and G T days, poised to take place on 9th and 10thMay, 2018 at the Red Bull ring in Austria, will give owners of Challenge and GT Ferrari the chance to come together and enjoy their cars in a non- competitive environment. Think F 355 Challenges, F 40 L M s, 458 G T Es, and 575 G T Cs. As with any former competition vehicle (or any collector car, for that matter), history, documentation, and originality are key when it comes to buying one of these cards. “Complete cars are the most desirable- the brakes, for example, are from the F 4 o and a set alone can be worth 15,000 to 20,000 Euros today. And it's a similar story with the original OMP racing seats.” Of current values, Heinz reckon 355 Challenges (of which, in typically Italian fashion, ‘around 110’ were built) can be snatched for as little as 1, 50, 000 Euros, with the very best examples commanding over 2, 20, 000 Euros. By company, a (much) less rare- and not road legal- 360 Challenge is worth around 75,000 to 80,000 Euros.