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Givenchy Products

Here are the products offered from Givenchy in different product lines like clothing, footwear, leather products and other accessories.

  • Givenchy Men's Products

Givenchy under men's section serves various products. They are: Clothing Givenchy offers huge series of Polos, T- shirts and shirts to choose from. Some of the clothing products as Polo from Givenchy are Men's Givenchy Live Regular Fit 7 striped Pique and cotton Jersey polo; Men's regular fit Piped Polo; Men's Regular Petit Pique Polo. There are 20+ styles that Givenchy provides as T- shirts. They are Men's Givenchy Sport Tennis printed jersey T- shirt, Men's Givenchy live Bi color jersey T- shirt, Men's Givenchy Brand techno T- shirt, Givenchy 3 D rubber print T- shirt. Men's Regular and slim fit striped cotton poplin shirts, Men's regular and slim fit colored cotton Crambray shirt, Givenchy Men's Regular Fit Gingham T- shirt. Givenchy Men's Regular Fit polka dots Jacquard poplin shirt, Men's Regular Fit Shirt in pinpoint cotton, Men's slim fit cotton Pique shirt, Givenchy Regular Fit Shirt in liner, are some of the shirts that Givenchy offers.


Under accessories there are products like underwear, caps, watches, socks, etc. that you can have from Givenchy. There are around 6 watches from Givenchy like Men's West Port Watch, Men's Givenchy 12.12 Watch with Blue Silicone strap, Men's Sen Diego Watch, etc. Shoes Footwear like casual shoes, slippers and sports shoes are the ones that Givenchy offers. Leather products Leather bags, leather belts and other small leather products for men are designed and sold by Givenchy. There are 7 styles of bags from Givenchy like Men's Sport Match point Backpack, Men's Givenchy Classic Petit Piqué Airline Bags, Men's Classic Fine Piqué coated canvas flap all-purpose bag, Men's monochrome all-purpose bag, Givenchy Sports Ultinum messenger bag. Leather belt like Gift box Belt in Flecked Canvas with perforated belt and Givenchy Plated belt are Givenchy leather belts. Also, there is one billfold or wallet that Givenchy deals in under the name FG Billfold in leather.

  • Givenchy Women's wear

Women's section of Givenchy includes products like: Clothing Women's clothing series from Givenchy is almost similar as it is for men's. Under Givenchy women's wear we have Polo, T- shirts, dresses, and skirts. There is a choice of 19 polos in Givenchy. Some of them are Women's Givenchy Slim fit Contrast Accents Stretch Piqué Polo, Women's Givenchy Slim Fit Color Block stretch mini cotton Piqué Polo Women's Givenchy Classic Fit Block stretch mini cotton Piqué Polo, Women's Givenchy Straight Fit buttoned Black Off beat stripe polo. Women's Flowing Honey Comb Striped Piqué Polo Shirt, The casual Givenchy Polo in Cotton Piqué are some shirts for women from Givenchy. Under dresses and skirts range Givenchy sells Women's Polo Collar Color Block Jersey Flared Sweatshirt dresses and Women's Flamme Piqué adjustable belt polo dress. Footwear Sandals, shoes and slippers are all that is available from Givenchy in women's wear product line. Karoly platform Sandals in leather and A+ Alaye zippered sandals in leather are 2 footwear products. Watches are offered by Givenchy for women as accessories but they are worth trying. Women's Givenchy 12.12 Blue rubber strap and Faded Rose Givenchy 12.12 Watch are some of the products. Leather products Givenchy gives one the choice of having bags or other small bags made up of leather. Women's Drily Classic Tennis Ball charm Small tote bag, Women's Classic crossover bag flat, Women's Break point dorblock leather bucket bag. Also, women's make up pouch Tria, women's classic monochrome all in one Wallet, Women's Chantaco Leather zip wallet with Givenchy embroider are some of the other leather products from Givenchy.

  • Givenchy fragrances - There are basically 2 series of perfumes that Givenchy offers. It includes Givenchy perfumes for men and Givenchy perfumes for women. Givenchy perfumes for men have products like Givenchy Acqua Eau De Toilette, and Givenchy Eaux Pour Homme perfume for men. Givenchy perfumes for women include products like Givenchy Code women perfume, Givenchy Code women body spray, Givenchy Nera Extrema Eau De Parfum, etc.

Offers on Givenchy products There are various offers, discounts, and deals available on various retailing online stores. Also, on Givenchy's own website there is 40% off going on various products in fragrance range from Givenchy.