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The beginning of clothing fashion dates centuries ago when people started travelling different countries and places. They learned about different types of clothing from different people. With time and advancement of technology, the growth of fashion industry became rapid. The influence of western fashion industry increased during the recent centuries. Today, the fashion industry is one of the giants in the world market. With rise in economic strength and interdependent economies, the fashion industry has changed seriously.


HERMES is French clothing design and manufacturing company. It was founded in 1837. It created its first website in 1995. The first online store of HERMES was opened in few years after its establishment. Since then, this company has been designing clothing for men, women and children. Headquarter of the company is at Paris in Italy. HERMES has more than thousand stores spread all over the globe. Its revenue for 2016 was 100.3 million Euros. It has more than 15000 employees working all over the globe. HERMES has shown a decent growth over the years and made a prominent presence in the fashion industry with its high style fabric and designs. People have loved the quality of its products and designs for all consumers.

Products of HERMES

HERMES has a wide line of products for its consumers of different ages and different genders. It provides clothing for women, men, girls and boys. It also provides different accessories such as shoes, bags, wallets, belts, sunglasses and scarves etc. HERMES also has a variety of clothes for its customers. It provides a number of different styled clothing for all men, women and children.

Clothing for men: The men collection of HERMES has following clothing to wear Hermes Coats for men, Hermes Jackets for men, Hermes Blazers for men, Hermes Suits for men, Hermes Sweaters and Cardigans for men, Hermes Sweaters shirts for men, Hermes shirts for men, Hermes T- shirts for men, Hermes trousers for men, Hermes Jeans for men, Hermes underwear for men, etc. Accessories for men: There is a variety of accessories offered by Hermes for men are shoes, bags, wallets, belts, scarves and foulards, hats and gloves, ties all designed for men.  

Clothing for women: Similarly, there is a long line of women clothing by HERMES which includes coats, jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, cardigans and sweaters, sweatshirts and shirts, T- shirts and tops, trousers, jeans, skirts, lingerie for women, sleep wear, sportswear, etc. There is again, a list of accessories for women as well which includes shoes, bags, wallets, cases, jewelry, scarves, foulards, hats, gloves, sunglasses, and belts for women.

Clothing for children: The clothing for children is divided into two categories based on the ages of the children. There is a distinction of babies (0-4 years) and young kids (3-14years). Clothing for children is again of various types. You can buy jackets, clothes, pants, shirts, sweaters and coats for both boys and girls. The designs and manufacturing of these clothes is very flawless and attractive. For all the customers, HERMES keeps in mind the latest trends in fashion industry. The manufacturing is done carefully by keeping in mind what consumers want.

Sale and offers

Hermes offers attractive discounts for customers. It has four segments of discounts for all the consumers. These are available on most of the products of the company. The limit of discount however, varies from product to product depending upon its manufacturing cost, demand and availability in the market. The discount segments are:

  1. Up to 50% off
  2. 50% off
  3. 60% off
  4. From 70% off

Fashion Industry and HERMES

HERMES has become a giant manufacturer and multi-national brand focusing on men's and women's clothing and accessories. It is completely concentrated on dominating the fashion industry with its unique designs and fabrics. After its foundation in 1837, it has reached almost every big city of the globe and continuously increasing its market share by satisfying all its customers. It has over 200 stores in more than 100 countries which attributes to being one of the leaders in fashion industry by utilizing the technology. HERMES has been successful in differentiating itself from the competition by marketing its brands not only efficient but provide fast turnover with high quality of merchandise appealing to the young, urban, and hip demographic.