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This company was established by Hugo Boss in 1924 and is named similar to his, HUGO BOSS. Today it is administered by Mark Langer as CEO and Michel Perraudin as chairman. And the products it deals in are high fashion accessories for men, women, and children; fashion apparels for men, women, and children; fragrances for men and women; and footwear for all.

HUGO BOSS operations

So, let's have a look on what all does HUGO BOSS operates. HUGO BOSS, when established supplied uniforms only. These uniforms were highly demanded at and around the time of World war by Nazi Party organization. After being engaged in the same business of manufacturing and supply of uniforms for more than 2 decades, HUGO BOSS thought of diversifying its business operations. HUGO BOSS started its men's suits and fragrances division for all men in general instead of just manufacturing the uniforms for some party organisation. So HUGO BOSS started HUGOBOSS men's suits and fragrances in 1948. Then in 1997 diversifying its operations further HUGO BOSS started a diffusion line of women's wear. This diffusion line was soon turned into full women's collection in 2000. Also by the year 2008 or 2009 this brand started manufacturing and supplying clothing for children too.

HUGO BOSS divisions

HUGO BOSS mainly deals in 4 classes. They are:

  • BOSS - In this they have men's wear from 1970 and women's wear from 2000.
  • BOSS Orange - BOSS orange includes men's wear since 1999 and women's wear since 2005. BOSS Orange was later turned as Denim based casual wear in 2010.
  • BOSS Green - This range includes active clothing of golf style for both men (since 2003) and for women (since 2010). BOSS Green was earlier known as BOSS Sport.
  • HUGO - HUGO includes both men's and women's wear from 1993 and 1998, respectively.

  This year, from 2018 summers or spring season BOSS Green and BOSS Orange both had decided to change their name for all the operations. Now BOSS Green will be known as BOSS casual. And BOSS Orange will now be known as BOSS Athleisure. So let's wait for what new collections BOSS casual and BOSS Athleisure will offer to us.

HUGO BOSS manufacturing locations

HUGO BOSS have in all and all about 1,100 retailing stores working throughout the world and making HUGO BOSS accessible to the entire world. So for this there is a large manufacturing network which is also working day and night in different parts of the world. This brand is manufacturing in Metzingen in Germany, Morrovalle in Italy, Radom in Poland, Izmir in Turkey, and Cleveland in United States.

HUGO BOSS products on offer

Now that you all know what HUGO BOSS does offer, you must be planning to buy some. No worries we will help you further in knowing what products are available and if any offers or deals are available for the same.

  • HUGO BOSS Watches

HUGO BOSS Watches are a style by themselves. So if you want to have one you can have them now a days as many retailing stores (online) are offering discounts on them. Moreover the discounts available are up to 40 %, which we are sure no one would like to skip.

  • Summer Of Ease

HUGO BOSS has online portals on various social networking sites for retailing purposes. One such is Face book. HUGO BOSS have official page working on Face book On this Face book page HUGO BOSS has now-a-days started to launch its exclusive new products with the hash tag like #SummerOfEase. #SummerOfEase has many types of apparel like men's jacket, women's blazer, shirts for men and women, and many more things on Face book, all from HUGO BOSS. So you can go through the products from HUGO BOSS on Face book searching simply for #SummerOfEase.

  • Fashion Apparels and accessories

On many online retailing stores like Amazon, Flip kart, Myntra, etc. products like men's shirts, jackets, and formal suits are available on up to 50% discount. Also belts for men are available at 25% off. So, shop for this brand and make the best use of all the deals and discounts prevailing on the brand. Customers can also avail more discounts by using HUGO BOSS codes and coupons and hence save a lot on their shopping. So, shop more and save more.