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Jack and Jones is a popular brand of the Bestseller Company. The Bestseller Company is based on Denmark. It was founded in 1975 by Troel Holch Povlsen. The headquarters of the Bestseller Company is in Brande, Jutland, Denmark. This company has more than 5500 retail stores spread on the globe. It also has a remarkable number of more than 12000 wholesale customers. The company serves in Europe, Middle East, India, China and Canada. Anders Holch Povlsen is the sole owner of this company. It also has an employee base of more than 15000 people. The main focus of the Bestseller Company was to make women clothing in 1975 but in 1986, they launched kids wear and in 1988 they brought the men's clothing products also. Bestseller Company has its own multiple brands. These brands are based on their purposes. The clothing and other fashion accessories for men, women and children are available at Bestseller's. Jack and Jones is one of the brands of the Bestseller Company. It is highly popular brand all over the world. Jack and Jones is the menswear brand. It is basically focused on younger customers. It provides the younger customers with underwear and other garments. Jack and Jones came into limelight is 1990s. In the following years, Jack and Jones presented itself as one of the strongest jeans brands in the market. In few years, the brand owned hundred of stores in the market. Today, Jack and Jones is Europe's one of the leading brands of menswear. It has more than thousand stores in 38 countries. Its products are sold all over the globe by thousands of wholesale partners. The backbone of Jack and Jones is the jeans they have been producing since the beginning. jack and Jones represents five different brands namely Jack and Jones Vintage Clothing, Premium by Jack and Jones, Originals by Jack and Jones, Core by Jack and Jones and Jack and Jones Tech. these brands are maintained by different teams of designers and are the result of different ideas that provide men with different types of clothing for different occasions. Jack and Jones also works in footwear products. It is responsible for creating fashionable shoes for men. Jack and Jones produces different types of shoes such as sneakers, brogues, canvas lace ups etc that are meant for different occasions. It presents a footwear blend of old school types and pop blend colors. It is focused to give you comfort and fun in every walk of the life.


Jack and Jones produces menswear products for mainly young customers. It consists of different products such as shoes, jackets and other garments. Main products of the company are:

  • Jackets
  • Bottom wear
  • Active wear
  • Tailoring
  • Winter wear
  • Footwear
  • Jeans
  • T-shirts
  • Shirts
  • Essentials (pyjamas, socks, undergarments)

With the variety of products, Jack and Jones has been able to reach to every customer. Its quality products have made its customers satisfied and attached to this brand. People find these products so attractive and unique that they love to wear them. Another factor for the popularity of Jack and Jones products is that it manufactures and sells clothing and other accessories for different purposes. People can choose particular clothing and footwear for a particular occasion. This company has shown a great dedication in its products and proper manufacturing techniques have been used since its beginning. It makes this brand a global brand and accepted widely by whole world.