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Current Car products

Currently Jaguar cars that are highly demanded and are available for purchase from jaguar are Jaguar F- type car, Jaguar X E car, Jaguar X F car, and Jaguar X J car. R- Model cars are also included in current car products which include Jaguar X F R car, Jaguar X K R car, Jaguar X F R- S car, Jaguar X K R- S car, Jaguar X J R car, Jaguar F type R car, Jaguar F- pace car. Other products by Jaguar Not just cars and banks and other automobiles, Jaguar also offers its customers with collection of many other products like men's wear, women's wear, kid's wear, bags, wallets, key chains and other accessories. Some of them are:

  • Clothing - Jaguar heritage shirt for women, Jaguar heritage shirt for men, Jaguar leather jacket for men and women, Jaguar men's heritage polo shirt, Jaguar men's heritage Oxford shirt, Jaguar men's heritage driver's jacket, Jaguar women's heritage driver jacket, Jaguar men's down gilet, Jaguar women's down gilet, Jaguar girl's gilet, Jaguar women down gilet, Jaguar girls varsity jacket, Jaguar women's full zip soft shell, Jaguar women's full zip hoodies, etc are some of the clothing products from Jaguar.
  • Bags and Wallets - Jaguar offers a range of bags and wallets for men and women. Some of them are Jaguar Heritage Leather Hold all, Jaguar Heritage back pack, Jaguar Ultimate Leather men's purse, Jaguar Ultimate Leather purse for women, Jaguar Ultimate I- pad slip case, Jaguar Ultimate I- pad Case, Jaguar Ultimate Card case, Jaguar Ultimate Wallet for men, Jaguar Ultimate Wallet for women, Jaguar Ultimate Passport holder, Jaguar Ultimate Leather tote bags for women, Jaguar Ultimate portfolio, Jaguar Valet case, Jaguar Ultimate Leather I- phone case, etc.
  • Jaguar accessories - The accessories offered by Jaguar includes products like: Jaguar Heritage Sunglasses, Jaguar Heritage E type Bottle opener, Jaguar fuel gauge, Jaguar Sebring light weight E- type 1: 8 scale model, Jaguar Heritage scarf for men, Jaguar Heritage scarf for women, Jaguar Ultimate key ring or key chain, Jaguar Grouler Graphic cap for girls, Jaguar Grouler Graphic Cap for boys, Jaguar leather wrapped I- phone cable, etc.
  • Jaguar fragrances - Jaguar offers fragrance range like Jaguar Classic Range, Jaguar Classic Black range, Jaguar Classic Chromites Range, Jaguar Pace Accelerate range, Jaguar Vision Range. Which includes products like Jaguar Classic Black for men spray EDT, Jaguar men Classic Blue for men spray EDT, Jaguar Green Edit Perfume, Jaguar Excellence EDP, Jaguar Classic Black EDT, Jaguar men NA Deodorant, Jaguar Classic Gold, Jaguar Sky Candle, Jaguar Car Air perfume, Jaguar Green, Jaguar Green by Jaguar Cologne, etc.

Jaguar and arts

International arts scene is yet another thing that Jaguar is seen interested in and quite involved with in the recent years. Specifically, Jaguar has implemented several major art projects in collaboration with the artist Stefan Szczesny. In 2011, Jaguar presented the exhibition series "Shadows", which involved the installation of Szczesny's shadow sculptures in Sankt-Moritz, on Sylt and in Saint-Tropez. And very next year in 2012, a large number of sculptures, ceramics and paintings were shown in Frankfurt. “Jaguar Art Collection" has been released by Jaguar as a part of collaboration with Szczesny. Why jaguar? Unlike other cars there is something that is different in Jaguar; it is its most exciting, sleek and different shape. Jaguar on road catches every one's eye and everyone or anyone would love to just turn around and have a look and wow it. That's what a Jaguar will do. There will be certain elegance about a Jaguar. Each line has beautiful car models to look at and love it. The constraint of curved surfaces taking more room than flat surfaces also adds look to it. What more to explain but a review from a customer would make the appreciations more authentic? “I just brought a Jaguar XF last week and I am pretty happy with that. The advantage with Jaguar is that it looks way better than its German rivals and its interiors are unbelievably awesome! The engines are almost same in all the luxury cars in same price range, but I felt Jaguar drove a better than few luxury cars I test drove. On flip side, mileage of Jaguar is less than a BMW or a Merc.” Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) launched a technology business In Motion, which it describes as “a new technology business that builds apps and on-demand services to overcome modern travel and transport challenges, on Monday it aims to create apps for services like car-sharing.