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This is a website that has a large presence, being one of the notable online bookstores in the Middle East. The bookstore has a vast array of books to offer and diverse topics. The books are available at this website in Arabic and English language. The website boasts of about 9.5 million titles that one can find among both English and Arabic books. There are convenient options like home delivery of your purchases, customized payment methods that suit those local to the Arab region. The website was launched in 2010 and it encourages shoppers to log online and register for an account.

With an established official address as well as email address and chat support, one can get all their queries addressed as and when they want and whichever mode of communication they choose to use.

Online book shopping at Jamalon:

There are several delights of shopping for books at this site. When you log on you will find the two major sections that showcase Arabic and English books. When you click on any of these categories, you will find the different subjects and labels mentioned. There is also a weekly, deals section on this website. The website advertised free delivery worldwide as well. If you make purchases above twenty US dollars on this site, you will get worldwide shipping from this website. For those who have queries regarding international purchases and deliveries, they will find the contact number listed in the top right hand section of the home page.

Benefits for customers of Jamalon:

The website has several benefits for those who sign up and open an account. You will find Jamalon coupons emailed to your inbox. That makes your first purchases on the website sweet deals with considerable discounts. You might have a query regarding certain books or titles or wish to have a book made available at this site. There is a section whereby you can place such requests; that will also ensure that you get a reply back as to whether the request would be considered or not.

When you start purchasing from this site you also become eligible for reward points. When you accumulate enough reward points, they can act as Jamalon coupon codes that give you discount on the final prices of the books you purchase at this site.

If you are an avid book reader and want to find books in the Arabic language, this is the website to visit. It will get you the best of titles among modern books as well as old publications from this region. To satisfy your need for knowledge and learning this is a good portal to associate with. With the use of Jamalon coupons you are guaranteed great prices on such books, especially when you order in from local Saudi Arabia regions.

Different offers and categories at Jamalon:

The searches for English and Arabic books are not the only things you get at this site. They have helpful links to showcase the popular Arabic books, the top books for the current year, book reviews that you would find insightful and interesting and other helpful guides. If you are unsure about your purchase you could visit these sections to get more information about the kind of books or subject as well as get details about the authors. The Jamalon Sa online shopping not only provides you convenient access to books of your choice but when you subscribe to the site, you get information about latest releases, book reviews and more. You would be able to accumulate reward points on your purchases and get exclusive coupon codes mailed to your account.

The above points showcase why you will want to bookmark Jamalon in your web browser. If you are an avid reader and like to stay in touch with what is currently in the Arabic literary circles, this is the website you would want to stay in touch with. They will mail their newsletters to your account and you will surely love the information and helpful guides that are sent from this website. For school teachers, professors and those who are into research, this is a portal that will prove invaluable to find rare titles and books that are often difficult to find.