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Introduction of Legoland Dubai park:

It is a chain of parks. This chain is operated and controlled by a company named Merlin Entertainments. The company has a British origin. The park is designed for children but is marketed to families as well. The attractions include a number of rides like roller coaster. These roller coasters are not as numerous or as extreme as those in other parks. The community lays more emphasis on rides that are suitable for young children.  

Legoland Dubai:

It is a theme park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is specially designed for children from 2 years and up to 12 years. This park has interactive rides for children and these rides are accompanied by water slides, models and building experiences. When it was about to open it was scheduled to open in the year 2011 and the name of the park then decided was “Legoland Dubai land.” Then the opening was delayed to October 2016. Now it is located at Dubai Parks and resorts. It has six main areas and they are Factory, City, Lego, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure and the first indoor Mini land. The prices or the tickets vary for UAE residents and for others as well. Prices for the UAE/GCC residents are 165 AED. The day ticket, that is for one day Dubai or Legoland Water Park are 235 AED. One day Dubai and Legoland Water Park are 285 AED. If anyone is interested about an annual pass the rates for them are as follows:  

  • Legoland Dubai Annual Pass 275 AED.
  • Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park annual pass 430 AED.
  • Dubai parks and resorts all parks pass 525 AED.

Legoland education and learning:

The park also promotes education and learning among the children. Some of the instances of education and learning that are promoted by the park are:

  • There are certain water flow channels in which the children who are participating can construct dams from the blocks and this would enable the children to understand laminar and turbulent fluid flows.
  • Musical fountains and The Aqua tune hydraulophone are certain musical instruments which promote learning.
  • For promoting learning which is fun based a Lego Mind storm centre is available.
  • For children who are less in age can have a visit to Duplo Gardens.
  • Attractions like driving school, boating school, ballooning school, flying school and fire academy are present in the driving area.

Knights Kingdom:

All the parks are Lego themed and out of all the parks many are made to appear like they are built out of Lego bricks. A popular ride of the park is the Driving School. In this school children can drive small electric cars which are like Lego cars in their look. They are made around a small road network. After all this the children are given a mock driving license.  

Tickets are VAT inclusive:

Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park one day has an unlimited access to all the rides, shows and shops there. If a person wants to redeem the ticket it must be done within 6 months from the date of purchase of the ticket. The price of this ticket is AED 285. Legoland Dubai one day ticket has an unlimited access to all the rides, shows and shops in Legoland. But this ticket does not include access to Legoland Water Park. The price of this ticket is AED 235. For GCC the rates of this ticket are 165.   Legoland Water Park one day ticket has an unlimited access to all slides, attractions and shops but does not include Legoland theme park in it. The price of this ticket is AED 235. For GCC the rates of this ticket are AED 165.  

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Legoland offers:

Legoland offers certain discounts during the festive times of the year. During these times a lot of activities like entertainment, Halloween, etc. are carried out by the park. People can enjoy to the maximum limit and pay the minimum cost of their visit. Do not miss out such offers of visiting the park and grab on to them.