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Earlier Max Factor focused and hence specialized in make-up products only for movies. And in that they invented many products according to the prime requirements of movie industry at that time. The recent pioneering inventions that Max Factor made are:

  • False lash effect - Max Factor had launched mascara which gives your eyelashes a boost and can be used as false eyelashes. It is therefore that it is named as Max Factor Effect Mascara and was invented in 2008.
  • Long lasting lip color - In 2000 Max Factor introduced a lip color which was long lasting for up to 12 hours and was non-transferrable. It was named as “Lipfinity”
  • Colorless Mascara - First colorless Mascara was introduced only by Max factor some few years back.

Max Factor divisions

Max Factor which initially started to trade in only cosmetics or make up products for movies, later diversified and started to do the cosmetic production for general out reach. Today Max Factor operates mainly in 4 divisions. Max Factor had divided and mainly offers 4 categories of make-up. Face, lips, eyes, and nails are the main parts ladies are mainly concerned about and therefore Max Factor manufactures and trade make up products for all these parts. And the 4 divisions are Max Factor Lip Products, Max Factor eye Production, Max Factor Nail Products, Max Factor Face Products. So these are the 4 divisions under which Max Factor trades and you can purchase and try products from the same.

Max Factor Products

We are here listing some of the best and top products from Max Factor that you can have.

  • Max Factor Face Products - There is a make-up regime that ladies around the world follow. Priming that is for providing a base, powder for smoothening the base, foundation, color corrector, bronzing, etc. Max Factor has it all. You can buy Max Factor Master Touch Concealer to conceal those dark spots or pimple bump. Then Max Factor offers Max Factor Pan Stick Foundation and Max Factor Color Adapt Foundation. Other Face Products from Max Factor are Max Factor loose powder, Max Factor Bronzer, Max Factor Facefinity compact, Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer, Max Factor Miracle Touch Cream Blush. Also, there is a color corrector stick from Max Fact in 3 different versions, Max Factor Color Corrector: The illuminator; Max Factor Color Corrector Stick: The Revitalizer; Max Factor Color Corrector Stick: The reducer.
  • Max Factor Lip Products - Max Factor offers a wide range of Lip products to care for your tinder lips. There are various Max Factor Lip Gloss, Max Factor Lip liners and Max Factor Lip sticks that you can have. Max Factor Color intensifying lip balm and Max Factor new velvet matte lipstick are the 2 best products of this product line.
  • Max Factor Nail Products - Max Factor Glossfinity Nail polish which promises to last longer than 7 days and Max Factor Gel Shine lacquer are the 2 products that Max Factor offers in nail product divisions.
  • Max Factor Eye Products - Max Factor offers water proof mascara for eyelashes under the product name Max Factor Lash Crown waterproof mascara. Other mascaras being offered by Max Factor are Max Factor Clump Defy Voluminising Mascara, Max Factor Master piece waterproof Mascara, and Max Factor False Lash effect fusion Mascara. Also, there is mascara which keeps no need to use eyelash curler for curling and give a bossy to eyelashes. It is Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curl Addict Mascara, which creates outrageous volume and vivacious curl.

Other eye products are Max Factor Brow shaper, Max Factor High Precision Eye liner, Max Factor Master Piece Nude Palette, Max Factor Wild Shadow Pot, Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit.

Offers on Max Factor Products

There are various offers on Max Factor Products on different online retailing stores like Flip kart, Amazon, Cilory, Nyka etc.

  • 34% off on Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation which promises to last long under the product number NO. 030 porcelain.
  • Heavy discount on Max Factor ageless elixir 2 in 1 foundation + serum with SPF 15 is also offered on online retail stores. This is under the product number No. 30 Porcelain.

Other worth trying piece is Max Factor Master piece Glide and Define liquid eyeliner.