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With an unmatched pedigree for being the best designer watches and jewellery retailer in the Middle East, OnTime is the pioneer of retail in this segment. Helping customers add layers of style and class to their appearance and personality with the finest accessories, OnTime is known to provide top-quality products at really attractive prices. With more than 160 stores spread all over the Middle East, with most of them occupying prime locations at the most upmarket malls and localities, the platform offers only the most lucrative offerings in watches and jewellery, for both men and women. With a collection that covers brands- both global and local bigwigs, no matter what your style, there will always be an offering to complement and accentuate it. In a world where appearance and grooming are becoming more and more important, it is imperative that one styles their wardrobe smartly, thereby helping them stand out from the crowd and leave a favourable first impression. Little details of your appearance like watched, accessories and jewellery can go a long way to adding that hint of dazzle to your personality. Recognising the importance of this requirement, OnTime has consistently offered its customers only the most beautiful and stylish offerings in designer watched and jewellery. With premium offerings and easy delivery, it also offers deals through OnTime promo codes which can be redeemed for big savings.

Helping you make all the right noises

For many, a watch is not just something used to tell time. Instead, it is a perfect accompaniment and an extension of one's personality. From colourful ones to those classic time-pieces, each watch tells something about its owner, with its style and appearance giving out a statement of the wearer's personality. Not merely an accessory to carry, watches and accessories are now renowned for sending out a clear style statement. Similarly, jewellery is not merely something that has only ornamental value. When paired correctly, the right jewels and sets can help you dazzle your way to capturing public attention, leaving onlookers impressed and mesmerised. Here to cater to this rising demand, OnTime has opened multiple outlets across the Middle East, with each of them offering the best products from the most famous of brands. With such a proud lineage of serving customers, it is no surprise that brands like Fossil and Armani have chosen to retail their products through OnTime. Featuring the perfect mixture of products that boast both global and local influences, OnTime's collections are constantly updated, with the best-sellers and latest arrivals always trending. Jewellery for women is, in particular, one of the hottest categories on the platform. Not merely pieces of pearls or diamonds, the jewellery sets on OnTime are works of art. With designs that reflect the proud history and culture of the Middle East, these sets are sure to make you the centre of attention at social gatherings. Shop at your convenience, at their online store and first-time shoppers can redeem exclusive OnTime coupons for great savings.

Offerings for all ages and occasions

No matter what your requirement or your style, your search for the perfect designer watch and jewellery ends at OnTime. From those colourful watches with bright straps that lets you hog the limelight at college or that subtly crafted timepiece that father enhances your reputation as a business tycoon, OnTime is your one-stop-solution for all your accessories needs. Women can have their pick from bangles, bracelets, earring, necklaces and may more accessories that help them look elegant and classy from head to toe. Luxury brands like Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Swarovski, Tommy Hilfiger and Roberto Cavalli choose the OnTime platform to showcase and sell some of their most exquisite watched and jewellery accessories. Whatever be your need, whatever be the occasion, classy products from OnTime are just a click away, and shop on OnTime.com according to your convenience. Download to OnTime Android and iOS apps and redeem OnTime coupons on your first order for big savings. With a vast range of offerings, only the best brands and user reviews that let you make informed choices, adding that dash of sparkle to your appearance has never been easier!