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Pizza hut UAE

With different cuisines available in the UAE, the Italian cuisine is among the most popular ones. From pizza- arguable Italy's biggest gift to the world, to those drool-worthy pastas, Italian cuisine leaves foodies mesmerised and craving for more. Among the finest exponents of this wonderful cuisine is Pizza Hut- the global pizza serving chain that is now synonymous with serving American style pizzas all over the world. With myriad varieties of pizzas dished out, pizza is now a cuisine in itself. Foodies, all over the UAE, now throng to Pizza Hut outlets and enjoy cheese-dripping and topping-laden pizzas with their favourite sides and beverages. Also delivering to your home, Pizza Hut UAE offers a wide range of discounts thanks to Pizza Hut UAE promo codes which can be redeemed on online ordering.

Legendary Pizzas

Synonymous with serving American-style pizzas to the world for over half-a-century now, Pizza hut is one of those chains that is instantly recognised anywhere in the world. Started as a small outlet in Kansas, the chain has now grown to operate in every continent of the world. Serving those legendary deep crust cheese-bursting pizzas with the choicest chicken sides and pastas, Pizza hut is long associated with a good Italian dining experience. Offering the widest range of pizzas with exotic flavours, loaded cheese and fresh toppings, their pizzas are worth savouring with your loved ones. Choose from different options of toppings, crusts, bases and meals to beat that lingering hunger. Supplement it with sides like pasta, chicken wings, beverages and deserts to top of a lip-smacking meal. Catering to all needs and budgets, customers can avail affordable value meals for one or opt for jumbo saver meals which can feed large groups and come with a wide variety of offerings. Further, toppings can be customised and added by paying a nominal extra fee. With stores all over the UAE at prime locations, Pizza Hut is helping UAE get the best pizzas and fast-food Italian cuisine. Equally adept is their delivery service which delivers to almost all major locations in the UAE. Simply log into Pizza Hut UAE online, and select from a wide range of offerings. Choose from a selection of simple or gourmet pizzas, add beverages and sides to make a meal, and top it off with some savoury deserts. The Pizza Hut UAE app can be used for online ordering, with options for delivery and self-pick-up from stores. Avail and redeem Pizza Hut UAE coupons on your order for extra savings or extra food items.

Eat safe, stay safe

Be it entertaining guests at their outlets and providing them a great casual dining experience, or delivering simmering hot pizzas to your house, Pizza Hut UAE does it all. Quite a popular outlet to order from online, access their range of pizzas, main course meals, sides and deserts, and have your meal delivered to your home or office. With a fleet of delivery personnel adept at making lightning fast deliveries, your pizza cravings would never last long with Pizza Hut's delivery. With the ongoing Corona virus scare all over the world, Pizza Hut's delivery has assumed even more importance. Braving the risks and working to deliver you your favourite pizzas, Pizza Hut is truly doing a thankless job. Totally safe, Pizza Hut UAE's all food operations are 100% safe and sanitised. From kitchen equipment to delivery boxes, all things are sanitised and ensured that there is no human contact on your meal. Riders are temperature checked and deliveries are made “No-contact”. Under it, the delivery executive will arrive at your delivery address, put your meal on a sanitised stool and wait for you to pick up your order from a distance. Totally safe, order now and save with Pizza Hut UAE coupons.