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Why choose Ray Ban?

Ray Ban had maintained the edge of being one of the few leading brands in sunglasses industry. Here are the key factors those helped it to be at the top.

  • Styles from Ray Ban have just been refined finely in last 8 decades and have been the best with every new design it launches.
  • Staple fashion pieces: No doubts, Ray Ban is an important piece that every style freak would have or must own. There is no wardrobe collection this complete without a pair of glasses or two from Ray Ban.
  • Choice of Macho icons

You name a celebrity or a Macho icon that youth follow, there would be more than just one instance you see them flaunting Ray Ban glasses. Hollywood stars like James Dean and Al Pacino are some of the few celebrities that can be quoted.

Your requirement

Anyone could wear any type of glasses depending on the style they want to sport or on what suites them. But people with sensitive eyes cannot. So Ray Ban Offers Polarized lenses for those who have light sensitive eyes. Also, for those who are prescription wearers can have photo chromic lenses from Ray Ban.

Customized offers Ray Ban understand and lets one customize the pair one has to purchase. You have a choice and can select from what lens color you want, what frame design suits you, and what frame material you want to carry.

So, Ray Ban really takes care of what it customers want. Ray Ban product lines Ray Ban mainly offers products under sunglasses and optics product line. Under these 2 Ray Ban Offers wide variety of products which are worth experiencing.

Ray Ban frames

  • Ray Ban frame comes in different shapes. So you have a variety to choose from round, rectangle, pilot, square, hexagon and others.
  • If we talk about frame types Ray Ban Offers types like full rim, bar without circles, nylon (semi rim-less) and semi rim.
  • Ray Ban uses different materials to present a design of sunglasses to be offered. Some materials that Ray Ban uses for manufacturing frames are acetate, wood, metal, velvet, lite force and nylon.

Ray Ban Products

Some of the best and most demanded products from Ray Ban are from Wayfarer series, and aviators. Then it was caravan's series that had frame in square shape and was loved and most demanded in 1950. After that Olympian I and Olympian II were in high demand because of the reason that Peter Fonda a famous actor wore them in the movie Easy Rider. And one of the famous and special editions was launched by Ray Ban in 1987 which was called The General. For more detailed information here we are to discuss the products that Ray Ban Offers:

  • Ray Ban Men's sunglasses, the most demanded sunglasses across the globe are from Ray Ban are from Aviator series and Wayfarer series. Aviator series have Ray Ban Aviator Classic, Ray Ban Aviator Gradient, Ray Ban Aviator Full color, Ray Ban Aviator folding, Ray Ban Aviator mirror and flash, Ray Ban Aviator largest metal, and Ray Ban Aviator craft. Wayfarer series have sunglasses like Ray Ban original Wayfarer, Ray Ban new Wayfarer, Ray Ban new Wayfarer color mix, Ray Ban Wayfarer folding Classic, and Ray Ban Wayfarer mirror and flash with original Wayfarer floral. Ray Ban Club Master Classic, Ray-Ban Caravan, Ray Ban cats 5000, Ray Ban Chris velvet, Ray Ban Chris, Ray Ban Club master flash lenses, Ray Ban Club master folding, Ray Ban Club master fleck, Ray Ban Erika, Ray Ban High Street Pilot, Ray Ban high Street square, Ray Ban High Street rectangular and round, Ray Ban Justin, etc.
  • Ray Ban Women's sunglasses Some of the best sold Ray Ban sunglasses are Ray Ban Erika, Ray Ban High Street rectangular, Ray Ban High Street square, Ray Ban High Street round, Ray Ban Wayfarer and Flash, Ray Ban round fleck, Ray Ban Round metal, Ray Ban cockpit, Ray Ban Aviator folding, Ray Ban Cats 500, Ray Ban RB 3557, RAY Ban flash lenses.
  • Ray Ban kids have only 3 products. They are Ray Ban Erika Junior, Ray Ban Chris and Ray Ban Signet Junior.

Ray Ban on Deals Ray Ban various products are on off on online retailing stores like Amazon, lens kart, Flip kart, etc. Some schemes are:

  • There is 65% discount on Ray Ban UV protected over sized Men's sunglasses.
  • Ray Ban's Unisex series various products are available on discount like 34%

On most online retailing stores, flat products from Ray Ban are on sale at 22% discount.