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Reebok is a brand that manufactures fitness, running and cross fit sportswear including clothing and footwear. Clothing includes t-shirts, hoodies and trousers. It has brought a great number, styles and designs of clothes. It has provided its products to state, national and international level players. Reebok has been innovating its products day by day.


Its shoes have the following features:

SAFETY TOE: Your toes are safe and comfortable in the shoes. No chances of injury or pain in toe will arise.

CONDUCTIVE: It means having the quality of conducting something specially heat. They protect your feet in the chilling winters. Shoes keep your feet warm and save them from cold.

STATIC DISSIPATIVE: This feature means that the shoes can destroy sensitive electronic components and set off fire and explosions, which means they can fight fire and currents.

WATERPROOF: They are waterproof and can be easily worn in rainy season. Water does not go inside the shoes.

SLIP RESISTING: The shoes of this brand do not slip on slippery floors and hence can be worn anywhere for trekking and in hilly regions or visiting a place that has slippery floors for example shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc.


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