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Today, under the administration of Joe Kaeser, CEO Siemen deals in multiple products. Products type comes to no end but the number of categories is also no less. From products for buildings use, to health care and to that of energy related products, Siemen designs, innovate and deliver almost everything one could think of or be in need of.

Siemen mainly produces products that ease day to day activities of mankind. It innovates everything that one could need in an electrified manner or automatic or digitalized. These are few terms we use for products that assist us in daily doings. So here we are to avail you with the complete information of all the products that Siemen deals in and can offer you. Mainly it deals in:

Products Services
Energy related products Financial services
Building related products Construction
Industrial plant related products Project engineering services
Lighting products Business services

  Although, Siemen's main revenue is from the division which is mainly involved in health care equipments Siemen thought of acquiring another company involved in Medical Technology Fast Track Diagnosis. The top most units that earn most of the revenue are industrial automation department.

Products in which Siemen deals are briefly discussed here.

Siemen Industrial Products

Industrial Products are something that is heavy investment consumers and everyone wants it to be the best. Because investment once done is done forever and no company or industry would like to change its heavy machineries every other day. So, these products are something that anyone can trust from Siemen, it is so because this division is best amongst all the units in terms of earning revenue. Best products that are covered under it are

  • Conveyor belts motor drive
  • Steel mill's motor drives for rolling
  • Compressors for oil and gas pipelines
  • Mechanical equipments (like wind turbine gears)
  • Industrial plant for water and raw material processing
  • Pumps
  • Heavy duty motors

NEMA motors is one of the best product under industrial products as it is dynamic and can be used all over. SD100 IEEE 841 is one of the best heavy-duty motors.

Siemen Building Related products

Building Related or products that are mostly used for and furnishing the buildings. Siemen gives the best of building related products. You say and Siemen have the products already ready for it. Such as:

  • Security being the primary concern of almost all the people today, Siemen has designed the building fire safety and security equipments.
  • Ease of doing work, want something automatic magic feel it gives. Siemen have made this magic possible you can simply choose any products designed under Building automation equipments.
  • Electricity or Power related issue Siemen have already designed low voltage switch gears and Circuit protectors

So, this turns out to be a one store stop for almost all your needs. Energy related products Again, something that Government or big contractors need. There are several big machineries that are required in energy sector. Some of them that Siemen offers you with are:

  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • High voltage transmission products
  • AC and DC transmission system Medium voltage systems
  • Power automation products
  • Turbines (on and off shore both)

Lighting products These are some of those products that almost everyone from a house hold to a big industrial or some organization needs. OSRAM, one of the subsidiaries of Siemen produces lighting products. So, in a way Siemen offers us with a really wide variety of lighting solutions, like:

  • Incandescent
  • Compact fluorescent
  • Halogen
  • Xenon lamps
  • Organic LED
  • High power laser diodes
  • Gel luminaries
  • Electrical ballasts
  • Lighting control and management systems

Siemen Medical products This is the second-best division of Siemen. So, we cannot just doubt these products. They are:

  • Information Technology systems for Clinic
  • Imaging equipments
  • Angiography​
  • X-RAY equipments
  • Computed tomography
  • Particle therapy equipments
  • Fluoroscopy

Transportation related products For automating the system of transportation several products that we need are also offered by Siemen. They are:

  • Rail electrification system
  • Central control system
  • Automated controls
  • Traffic detectors
  • Postal automation systems
  • Interlocking

Offers: Siemen provides a range of products and these products are given with a lot if Siemen offers prevailing online. Also, customers can use Siemen promo codes to avail more discounts on the purchase of its products.