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Timberland has a glorious past of a century. It has been serving people all over the world with its high quality shoes for hundred years. It has become a global giant in the industry with selling its products in a number of companies. Today, it has hundreds of stores spread all over the world and so many production units as well. This became a favorite brand by early 1990s. It left behind the giant shoemaker Jordan in the beginning of the decade by crossing its sales. Timberland has so many interesting facts that you may know to have a quality pair of shoe for your feet.


The Timberland Company was founded in 1918 in Boston, Massachusetts, US. Nathan Swartz was the founder of this company. It was 1965 when the Swartz family brought an innovative technique called injection molding technology into the footwear industry. It was a technique by which soles of the shoes were connected with the leather upper without stitching. This technique helped Timberland to make waterproof shoes specially used in colder temperature. In 1969, Timberland moved its base to New Hampshire. The name of the company was given Timberland in 1973 for its popular waterproof shoe. The leather shoe manufactured by the company became so popular with its introduction in the market. Timberland is a subsidiary of the VF Corporation. Today, Timberland is a world famous brand. It has a number of stores spread all over the globe. In addition to the United States of America, Timberland has several retail and factory outlets in Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, France, Australia, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Timberland provides a number of products to its customers. It includes men, women and children clothing, shoes and other accessories. The best feature of Timberland shoes is its sustainability and durability. These shoes are designed in consideration of outdoor usage. Hence, these are manufactured and designed in such a way that they can undergo heavy wear and tear but still it remains unharmed. To know about the products of the Timberland, you can also visit the Website of Timberland Company.


Timberland has a variety of products for all men, women and children. Mainly this company deals in shoe making but it also has a number of other products such as clothing and grooming accessories. The list of products of Timberland is listed here:

  • Men footwear
  • Men clothing
  • Men Accessories
  • Women footwear
  • Women Accessories
  • Kids footwear

There are further segmentation of the kids’ accessories and footwear depending upon the ages of the kids.


Timberland provides a number of sales and other attractive offers for its customers regularly. Sales and other offers depend upon various factors such as season in a particular place, demand of the products and supply of the products. For the time being, timberland is offering a sale up to 40% in selected items. This sale is available both on online and offline stores in different regions. The sale is available for all men, women and kids products.

Timberland has been a trademark shoe for outdoor operations. This is its century year and it has seen a number of phases in its journey from an outdoor boot to trending rapper style shoes. Timberland has shown versatility in its products.

Timberland has become a famous shoe brand in today's world. It is highly demanded all over the globe by people for different purposes and it has been able to deliver the best people have ever expected from it.