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Versace Collection a diffusion lines/ brand labels

Versace's identification mark or brand logo for Versace is a symbol from Greek Mythology. Its logo is head of Medusa who was believed to made people fall in love with her and not just this but people could not just get back or out of it, so Gianni Versace decided Medusa head to be an identification mark or brand logo for Versace to have the same for his brand or brand products.

Mainly Versace deals as Versace which includes main collections from the brand that has Italian ready to wear collection and leather accessories collection exclusively designed for up- market customers. While other diffusion lines or other brand labels under which Versace deals are Versace Collection (this mainly serves in United States); Versus Versace; and Versace jeans.

Other brand names of Versace under which the products are offered from Versace are:

  • Versace
  • Atelier Versace
  • Versace Fine jewelry
  • Young Versace
  • Versace home
  • Versus Versace
  • Versace Collection
  • Versace Jeans
  • Versus fragrance
  • Versace watches
  • Versace eye wear
  • Palazzo Versace
  • Galleria Boutique

Versace Products Versace Products are known for having flashy design prints and bright color choices. So, have a look on what products Versace under following categories that is for men and women and home furnishings. Let's firstly discuss its perfume product line.

Versace Fragrances

Versace offers perfume designed uniquely and distinctively for men and women both.

Men's fragrances include products like Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme; Versace Dylan Blue; Versace Oud Noir, Versace Eros; Versace Pour Homme; Versace Eau Fraicha; and Versace-The Dreamer. All these fragrances are offered from Versace in fragrance holders measuring 50 ml, 100 ml, and 200 ml for men

For women Versace offers products like Versace Eros; Versace Eros Pour Femme; Versace Crystal Noir; Versace Bright Clear; Versace Absolute; Versace Bright Crystal; Versace Yellow Diamond; and Versace Oud Oriental. All these fragrances are offered in a pack measuring 50 ml, 90ml, 100ml and 200 ml.

Men's wear

Versace under men's wear offers footwear, bags and accessories mainly. Footwear Versace offers footwear like shoes, dress shoes, seasonal Staples, sneakers, etc. Like Versace casual shoes for men, Versace- sneakers for men, Versace dress shoes for men, Versace boots for men, Versace sandals for men, and Versace shoe care for men, etc. Bags and accessories Accessories like Versace bill folds for men, Versace wallets for men, Versace belts for men, Versace key chains, Versace watches for men, Versace caps for men, Versace beanies for men, Versace hats for men, Versace wristlets for men, Versace sunglasses for men, etc. are offered from Versace. Under bags range Versace offers only Versace handbags for men, Versace Office bags for men, Versace back packs for men, etc.

Women's wear

Under women's wear from Versace products offered are footwear, bags and other accessories. Have a look at what all Products are offered under these product ranges:

Footwear -

Versace offers sneakers in materials like neon, metallic, and meare. Flat forms from Versace ensure Smart, sporty and spring ready looks. Also various seasonal Staples are offered from Versace. Products under this section from Versace are Versace flats for women, Versace sneakers for women, Versace boots for women, Versace sandals for women, Versace heels for women, Versace shoe care for women, etc.

Bags -

Under bags range from Versace, it offers Versace back packs for women, Versace duffels for women, Versace cross body bags for women, Versace top handles bag for women, Versace totes for women, Versace clutches for women, Versace wallets for women, Versace wristlets for women, etc.

Accessories -

Under accessories product range from Versace products offered are like Versace jewelry for women, Versace earrings for women, Versace shoe accessories and patches, Versace sunglasses for women, Versace hats for women, Versace gloves for women, Versace scarves for women, Versace leggings, Versace tights and socks for women, Versace watches for women and other Versace products.

Versace products on offer

Versace products are offered on various discounts and other deals on various online retailing stores and its own online website that is Some of the attractive offers that insist one to grab some of Versace products are discussed here:

  • 30% discount on Versace fragrances
  • 55% off on Versace men's wear some products

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