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White and Black Friday Shopping UAE

Black Friday is an informal name for the day following Thanks giving Day in the United States, which is the fourth Thursday of November, and which has been regarded as the beginning of the country's Christmas shopping season from early times. Most major retailers open their shops and stores very early, as early as overnight hours, and also offer promotional sales at this time to attract maximum customers. The shoppers are present in a large number during this day. Many non-retail employees and schools have both Thanks giving and the very next Friday following the day off which along with the following regular weekend, makes it a four-day weekend, and hence the number of potential shoppers who are willing and ready to shop increase in number. Black Friday has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States of America, but now it has crossed the boundaries of America and has been the biggest shopping day of the world and is accepted and followed in many countries of the world.

Reason why black Friday is celebrated?

The reason why Black Friday is celebrated is very basic that every person whether he/she is rich or poor can celebrate his/her Christmas with joy and happiness. Every person irrespective of his caste, color, creed, religion and status has the right to celebrate every festival with joy. So, the reason behind it is that every single rich and poor can celebrate Christmas with least financial worry. The businessmen set their profit margin very low but items are sold in abundance that their all losses are covered from the abundant sales made at this time. Many western people including Asians and Africans and Muslims buy whatever is required by them and stock up the stuff for the whole year.

Bargain time period-Drastic increase in the sales on Black Friday:

United Arab Nation's major online selling site Souq has announced about the Black Friday sale to be doubled this year from the previous one. The Black Friday coming to the Middle East region is credit given to Souq, which is one of the top sites of UAE. In the year 2014, brought 'Black Friday' to the Middle East for the first time but changed its name. Instead of Black Friday the day was named as White Friday by the store. This year, the largest online retailers in the region of Middle East is bringing exclusive deals and is hoping an estimation of about millions of visitors to host during the sale and the event starting from this November. The online retailers aim to sell millions of mobile phones at the lowest best prices that have never been offered, thousands of watches with a starting price of Dh29, litres of perfume, and all other items in bulk. Huawei Honor, Samsung, Lenovo, One Plus, Sony Play station, Aldo, Guess, Pampers, Pepsi, Uber are the brands offered by the stores and exclusive deals are provided by the store on these brands. Apart from the above stated brands all other brands of each category whether it is clothing for women, men or kids, or it is shoes, or make up items, or accessories, home décor products, home and kitchen appliances, beauty products or whatsoever are provided by the stores. The stores expect the maximum sales and giving out the maximum output during this time of the year. The time is golden time for them. Because this is the time of the year when the retailers have full confidence about selling their products at the lowest prices and they know that they will earn maximum profits by lowering the prices. A lot of competition prevails among the firms at this time. In order to sustain and survive in this competition the firms keep lowering their prices so that they could attract maximum customers and sell maximum products earning the maximum profits. Following the sales hit of the last years or previous years the stores have targeted more sales than the previous years and in the recent years was reported the Middle East's biggest sale in online shopping history with over millions of items being sold, the retailer has confirmed it will launch thousands of exclusive new deals and offer. The store has also predicted to increase the sales like it will sell two items per second. With m-commerce forming a key aspect of the retailer's growth strategy, almost every store is already offering its mobile app for the users to access the deals and buy maximum products. The app also keeps the customers more updated and informed about the happenings of the store. Also, ahead of White Friday across its broad range of products and leading brands are offered for sale to the public. Users can also download the mobile app to get instant notifications when the best deals go live. In addition to ensure a better service the online retailers have been working all year round to double its fulfilment network in 40 cities with its own delivery teams in addition to 200 new pick up locations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During the recent years many stores have added thousands of brands and partners across all categories to launch big deals and are hence giving a lot of competition to each other. The stores have upgraded themselves in terms of product diversity, as well as making globally revered brands more accessible to our customers.

Further Credit and Discount options:

In order to derive further benefit, credit card adoption is available as well. This helps to provide more ways to bring value to its consumers during White Friday, those who make a purchase using their MasterCard credit card will receive a further certain percent discount on all deals. Apply voucher codes on your purchases to get more discounts on your prices. Follow the terms and conditions of your voucher codes before applying them. They carry a certain percentage of discounts and by applying these codes one can save a lot on his/her shopping. Get discounts above the discounted rates by applying codes and coupons.

How to shop?

You can search for the store on the internet and then search for products that you want, select the product of your choice, add it to the cart, search for other products you want, once all products you want are added to the cart, confirm you order and pay. The payment procedure is quite convenient and safe to use. Once payment is made your order is confirmed. You can also confirm your order by just selecting cash on delivery and checking out. The other way to shop is by downloading the application and directly visiting it for shopping. The best time to shop and get products of your choice by just sitting at your place is now here. The products sold are good in quality and the services provided by the stores are excellent. The delivery is quick of the product you want to buy. The product reaches your doorstep within no time. Then their return policies and procedures are reliable. The return policies are also very good, because they take the complaints of the customer to return the product quickly without bothering the customer.